This is the oldest wine vessel. Qvevri is unique! In 2013, UNESCO granted the status of a monument of intangible culture to the Georgian traditional method of aging wine in qvevri. The oldest wine vessel in Georgia was found on the territory of Marneuli, it dates back to the 6th-5th centuries BC


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Georgian qvevri is made of clay and buried in the ground up to the neck, therefore, caring for it requires special knowledge and great effort. The vessel is used for storing and aging wine, as well as for its fermentation. In Western Georgia, where grapes are harvested in late autumn and vines grow on relatively moist soil, qvevri are buried, if possible, in dry sandy soil and protected with an ordinary roof. In Eastern Georgia, qvevri is buried deep in the basement, because the temperature during the grape harvest is much higher here than in Western Georgia.

The main feature of wine production in qvevri is that the grape juice is fermented together with the skin and grape seeds. After that, the wine is aged in fermented chacha for six months, until spring. The result is a naturally filtered, crystal clear amber wine. It is typical for such wines that they stand out for their aromatic taste properties. The color of Qvevri wine depends on the grape variety, but can usually range from light amber to dark amber.

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